Birthday Party

Looking for the best birthday parties in New York? You’ve come to the right place at Rainbow Castle Indoor Playground, where our parties are full of action-packed fun for kids!Wall-to-wall jumps, slides, obstacle courses, and arcade games. We offer free setup and cleanup, a private party room, to make sure parents can enjoy the day too! 

Throwing a birthday party in Queens couldn't be easier! Reserve a party for your child right now! 

Diamond Party Packages

Platinum Party Packages

Gold Party Packages

$958+tax (10~15 Kids + 20 Adults)

$1058+tax (15~20 Kids + 25 Adults)

1. Private themed decorations room 

with balloons arches.

2.Open playground.

3.Numer balloons &digital balloon

4.Elegant Tablecloth and tableware  

provide(not themed)    

5. Balloons for each kids

6. Juice for each kid

7. Small Gift for each kid 

8. Chips for each kid

9. Pizza for kids

10. Pinata (Including 3lb candy)

11. Each additional kid $25, adult $10

12. Special gift for the birthday kid.

13.Music and Cleaning service


$698+tax (10~15 Kids + 20 Adults)

$798+tax (15~20 Kids + 25 Adults)

1. Private themed decoration room

2. Open playground

3. Number balloon & color balloon

4. Tabkecloth and tableware provide

(not themed)

5. Juice for kids 

6. Pinata (including 2Lb candy)

7. Each additional kid $18, adult $10

8. Music and Cleaning service


$558+tax (10~15 Kids + 20 Adults)

$658+tax(15~20 Kids + 25 Adults)

Package Including:

1. Private Room(Open Playground)

2. Simple Design for Birthday Party Room  (Birthday Party Banner)

3. Please have your own tableware,tablecloth, napkin, food, drink

4. Each additional kid $18, adult $10

5. You may arrive 30 minutes early to  set  up for your party with own decorations. 

6. Music and Cleaning service


Regulation Limitation Rules

1. Please arrive on time lateness will proceed as normal time.

2. Party time is Two Hours limited, additional fee will apply after 15-minute pass.

3. Each additional hour fee is $200 plus taxes.

4. Outside food and non-alcohol drinks are allowed inside the party.

5. Socks required for all parties

6. Paulette and Sequins are not allowed to enter

8.  $200 non-refundable deposit to reserve your birthday party 

9. Tax and tips are not including; a 15% tips are appreciated.

Reminders : socks are required for everyone, please wear the socks when you enter the playground, in store purchase $2/pair. Thank you. 


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